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Though Black Friday isn't nearly as big a deal at Apple as it is at other retailers, Apple often has some kind of offer going on the biggest retail day of the year. In past years, Apple has given free Apple gift cards with purchase of certain big ticket items. There's no way to know if Apple will continue doing this, but if you're considering a large Apple purchase in the fall, it might be worth waiting to see. Speaking of gift cards, there are stores that sell gift cards at a discount or where you can get store rewards for buying gift cards.

Giant Eagle, for example, sells Apple gift cards and give you rewards toward free gasoline at their GetGo gas stations with purchase. It might be more hassle to you than it's worth, but it is a way to save money. I did this before purchasing a MacBook Pro and I got a free tank of gas out of it. If you have an older Apple device gathering dust, why not take advantage of Apple's Trade In program?

Get an estimate right now to find out what your old device is worth. Mail it or bring it into Apple to get an immediate discount off of what you're buying. Or if you prefer, you can receive an Apple gift card that you can use for a later purchase. If you are a college student, you can shop either in the store or online through the Shop for College portal, found at the bottom of Apple's website.

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The discount is not percentage-based, rather, it will be different for each item. Shopping through this portal discounts the items automatically, it does not show original pricing. When shopping in the brick and mortar store, you will need a college ID or some other proof of attendance as well as a valid driver's license. Note: During Back to School season, Apple has traditionally done additional promotions. Last year, Apple offered a free pair of Beats headphones with purchase of a computer or iPad Pro plus 20 percent off AppleCare on top of the education discount. All teachers and educators at any level from preschool to graduate school are eligible for the exact same discounts and deals as college students as described above.

You'll need to bring in proof of employment such as a teacher ID badge or pay stub.

This discounted iTunes Gift Card basically scores you in free

Your school will also need to be listed in Apple's system in order for the specialist to be able to apply your discount. In addition, if you're buying Apple products for your school, you can get a tax exemption. If you work for a school, charity, place of worship, or other tax-exempt institution and are buying Apple products for your workplace, you can be exempted from paying sales tax. You'll need to bring in all of the paperwork from your workplace that proves your tax-exempt status. This will be in addition to any discounts you receive.

Many companies have a relationship with Apple and their employees can get a discount at the Apple Store when buying items for their own personal use. If you work for a fairly large company, ask your HR person if you're eligible for discounts at the Apple Store. If so, you'll just need to bring documentation such a work ID badge or business card and ask your specialist to apply the discount. Nothing in particular. Or agree with? You know you can get grammar checker apps on your iPhone Stop complaining they are expensive. Foil hats are on sale at Walmart this week.

You should stock up. A backdoored Apple product. Better than Huawei who gives the commies all of your data.

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Apple will release NEW iphones Today. So apple removes some features from my S8, installs the ios, adds hundreds to the retail price and calls it Iphone X. Jobs is long gone, give him a break. Lets talk about Cook. But let me guess, it is "the most power iPhone apple ever made See News. During Checkout you can choose a free beats solo 3 wireless, beatsx, or beats powerbeats 3 wireless Expired.

Got 1. Except for the screen resolution, I like the "outdated" design, such as two USB3 ports and the magsafe power port, and the SD slot. I probably will do most heavy work on a remote machine via a vnc. Yes and No I bought a mac from my college 2 years back and got a solo2 at that time. Hasn't deal been there since forever.

Apple Offers Today → On Macbooks, Iphone 7 & 8 | Oct

Thank you, wait for this one for very longer since last time I missed. New iPad Pro : I know amazon hw sucks, but when apple beats that price, i will go all the way in for apple! Nothing new. Home Pod is basically an Amazon Echo Delivers: Wed Dec What if dropped into toilet? Hey genius, MacBook Pro' use the fastest pro grade processor line available, which means quad core for the 15".

Kaby Lake's quad core processors aren't out yet. Look at all these sour comments. Any alternative to Apple products? Want cheap one, go window!

How to get FREE airpods!! (No clickbait i will show you in de video)

Basically if you want to choose your own service provider and could change later, this is the best choice. Thanks dealsea.

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We know many people are waiting for the sim free model. Thats the reason we give a remind here.

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We earn no single penny out of this post. I will go for Android. There is no such thing as free lunch! The credits you got is based on the phone you traded in.

Don't be fooled by all those ads and articles saying you can get 7 for free! And it is even worse for 5 and 5s, basically you pay the carrier to take your iphone 5 away, plus the full price of iphone 7!

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I heard that it cannot be charged by your head if you are not smart enough. Is that the reason why my phone never got charged while listening to my music? Correct me if I'm wrong. Your math is wrong! Apple has the its next big event on September 7th, when it's expected to unveil new iPhones and updated Apple Watches. You can also follow the event via Live Stream on Apple device.

I love iphone.